We are designed for high-quality results

GARON Plastics is a state-of-the-art injection moulding facility offering our customers a complete
product development and tooling service. Our team of engineers, industrial designers and toolmakers
are highly experienced in all types of products. Our customers receive quality advice throughout the
process, as we build our partnerships from design and development to delivery on the global market. We pride ourselves on involving our clients in all areas of the manufacturing journey.  We allow our customers to work closely with us, so we can get their products ready for production and into the market.

Garon Plastics
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We aim for perfection with our engineering

We use a range of advanced moulding machines that are capable of handling different component sizes and varying production quantities. We can manufacture products with the most difficult tolerances at an exceptional standard using our high-quality Japanese and German engineered machines.

Our knowledge makes us very cost effective 

We have four decades of manufacturing experience in the global market, and we understand the need for competitive pricing. Our customers receive great value-for-money because we have maximised the efficiency of our plant by using the latest conveyors and robotics. Our toolmaking knowledge is second to none. 

We offer valuable product advice 

We can help you with your marketing, distribution, and warehousing after we have designed, tooled, and manufactured your product. We know that for products to be successful it is important to look at all factors outside of the manufacturing. We have experience in global exporting, and we can assist you in major markets like the USA, France, and Japan.

Our position fits all our customer needs 

We are strategically located on the main transport arterial in Adelaide, South Australia with a huge warehouse of more than 600sqm to manage component storage and all types of delivery requirements. We have access to warehousing and distribution facilities in several countries for any of your global requirements.

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