We can offer your business more than just manufacturing expertise

We have world class product management 

We know how big the task is to get your product to market. We can help you make the process easier by adding value in as many areas as possible along the journey. We have a network of global locations and contacts, who have skills that span the full range of product development, production, and distribution activities.

Production chain graph
3D Printing

We offer 3D and prototype printing

We can get your product and tooling ideas into physical form quickly which  greatly speeds up the product development process. 

We offer 3D printing as a separate service,  as part of our tooling, injection moulding or product development programs.

You can use 3D printing to explore product concepts, prove the integrity of CAD files, test the assembly conditions of mating parts. We can produce marketing samples to improve communications with decision makers. It can also be used in some purposes to make short runs of parts.

Injection moulding

We can provide great moulding solutions 

We offer a wide range of immaculately maintained moulding machines that cater to differing component sizes and varying production lengths. We can manufacture at tight tolerances with our high-quality Japanese and Austrian engineered machines. We are the ideal partner to guarantee your tooling is production ready. We have both extensive proprietary and custom product tooling experience.  We are situated in the heart of the Edwardstown industrial area for quick communication with toolmakers and toolmaking maintenance specialists.

Garon Plastics robot

Our robotics and automation make us extremely efficient

We have exceptionally trained staff with meticulous attention to detail. We value add to the handling, assembly and packing process through the smart use of robotics and engineered automation at as many stages as possible.

We have the in-house capability to create custom assembly jigs and other tools that enhance the consistency and efficiency of the production process.

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