Our facilities are state of the art, but our strength is our people

Garon Plastics’ offers high quality equipment and facilities, along with friendly personalised service to ensure excellent value for your moulding dollar.

We provide custom moulding services to a wide range of clients, from small-batch jobs to high volume production. Our production scheduling and warehousing can be tailored to match your manufacturing needs.

If you require part design and tooling, we can manage the process for you to ensure the best project outcome.

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Quality is our primary goal

Garon is a quality-endorsed company that provides component production under the ISO 9001:2015 quality system.

We are always looking for a better way to do things! Production standards and quality assurance programs can be tailored to your quality requirements. Consistency of production and stable moulding quality is supported by the well laid out, modern, clean, air conditioned facility that is maintained and operated by well trained and experienced staff.
Garon Plastics factory

We care about Sustainability

Garon is committed to the use of renewable energy as well as reuse and recycling of the plastics we use. 

South Australia is the first major jurisdiction in the world to be powered entirely by solar energy. We contribute to this effort through our roof-mounted 130kW solar system that helps to run our facility. To further reduce our environmental footprint we also have an in-house plastic recycling process that ensures we utilise all the plastics we use to the best of our ability.

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We know what it takes

We’ve spent more than 20 years developing our own range of proprietary products and know exactly what it takes to design a successful solution and bring this to market.

Our continued pursuit of product excellence in our own space flows into all of the work we are involved with as we apply what we know to improve outcomes for the people we work with.